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Moving Tips

  1. *Domestically or internationally it is advised not to carry the items which are not used kept in store room with you it unnecessary increases your consignment volume
  2. *If you have choice in terms of time of the year when it comes scheduling your move it is suggested to move in summer ,winter.
  3. *It is recommended to obtain quotation from at three movers that will help you to bargain and make comparative study
  4. *If the size of your move is big then go packaging one day earlier
  5. *Keep the list of the items along with you such that incase of misplacement it could be traced easily
  6. *Segregate the goods that you need often and just after unpack aging like toiletry items,wearing,innerwears,casual wears,slippers,tinned foods,first -aid box.
  7. *Keep jewellery and cash in the safe custody.
  8. *Please go through the paper works before assingning the move to any packers and movers
  9. *Check the packaging to ensure whether your shipment arrives at itís destination in the same condition
  10. *If possible keep the contact number of the driver and one of crew member.
  11. *If possible one of the trusted person must be with the carrier van.
  12. *Visit the office of the movers before placing the assignment.
  13. *It your responsibility to present there on the delivery date.
  14. *Segregate the goods that you wish to carry with yourself.
  15. * Always request you packers to pack the fragile items like TV ,freeze ,computer and the other electronic items in a suitable and proper packaging box.
  16. *Prepare or arrange the meal you will need on the packaging day
  17. *Get is t sure that the car are being carried through customized vehicle or not.
  18. *Dispose the alcohol as it creates problem in overseas move and check posts in domestic move
  19. *Request the crew to lebel all the boxes such that it could be easily traced
  20. *Return all the borrowed or rented items before the move like books ,videos
  21. *Pay all the due bills
  22. *Take all the written details bill from the relocation company
  23. *Keep the notation of all items before loading and the conatct details of the drivers

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